An integrated psychotherapeutic approach to the transition to motherhood


Pregnancy, birth and life in the early years with a new baby is a time of enormous challenge. A woman can feel lost between who she feels she was and who she thinks she should be now. And although women are often told that this should be the happiest time in their lives, they can often feel conflicting emotions as well as anxiety, sadness, and an overall sense of being overwhelmed. The good news is that along with this upheaval comes a unique opportunity for growth and transformation. With the right support you can do more than just get through these times, you can actually grow and thrive in new and unexpected ways.



Individual Psychotherapy
Couples Psychotherapy
Parent-Infant/Child Psychotherapy
Meditation Instruction
Mindful Parenting Coaching

Tailored referrals to resources that incorporate adjunct modalities to helpprovide a more holistic approach including:

Nutritional counseling
Psychiatric evaluation
Massage Therapy
Doulah support

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Having a baby is an act of creation. It can be a catalyst for your own growth and the possibility of more intimate connections with yourself and others.

Self Care

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